Not What I Bargained For

Release Date: 2021-09-01
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Album Review

South Florida’s The Livesays are one of the more prominent bands wholly devoted to original and robust rock and roll in an area where Latin music, dance and disco mostly take precedence. Nevertheless, they still stand out, not only because they dare to be different, but rather due to the fact that their music is so stirring and invigorating all on its own. Their new album, Not What I Bargained For provides all the proof needed. Opening track “Two Sides” ignites the album with a genuine Who-like flourish, defining what it means to be caught within today’s polarizing political divide. “One More Chance,” “Hold Me”and the title track are equally exuberant, sweeping, soaring and flush with an uncompromising, over-the-top energy and intensity. In fact, the entire album echoes a certain unabashed enthusiasm that even extends to the power ballads “Show A Little Honesty,” “Crazy Isn’t It?” and “Can’t Stop the Talking,” as well as the optimistic overview of “Better Angels,” the achingly expressive “In A Small Town,” and the album’s sole cover, a solemn though sincere take on Bruce Springsteen’s “If I Should Fall Behind.” The group’s confidence and clarity are genuinely impressive, and that should be enough to bring The Livesays the presence and prominence they so clearly deserve.
- Lee Zimmerman...Indie Spotlight Gold Mine Magazine